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Thurston Community College

Thurston Community College

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Student Council

Student CouncilThe College Council is the leadership body for student voice at Thurston Community College.  We recognise that through student voice we are able to affect change in the student learning experience.

We developed four long term objectives as part of the College Council, which we have been working towards:

  • To improve the student learning experience, including classroom resources and student planners.
  • To improve student facilities during break times, including water, study rooms and toilets.
  • To improve the experience of students’ information technology, including bringing their own devices.
  • To improve the student dining experience, including pricing, range and comfort.
  • To improve the general environment for students, including classrooms, fields and corridors

In order to ensure cohesion in this student set-up, as well as making sure we embrace a wide spectrum of voice, we have the following organisation:

Student Council Organisation


The Student Council welcomes student volunteers who would like to join the meetings to help the Council meet all its goals.


If you would like to join the Student Council please see Mr Stoneman: Assistant Principal House Leader.