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Able, Gifted and Talented Programme (AGTP)

Able, Gifted and Talented Welcome to the Thurston Community College Able, Gifted and Talented Programme (AGTP) page. This is an expanding programme, which holds as its foundational goal the development of high aspiration amongst our pupils. To this end, the AGTP gives focus primarily to extracurricular activities and mentoring programmes which aim to instill within pupils a growing sense of confidence, to stress the importance of preparation and guidance towards the future, and to cultivate areas of potential. The AGTP also looks to develop new systems of communication between academic departments within the College as a way to ensure that cross-curricular challenge is implemented with the classroom for students within the programme.

To restate our underlying goal: the AGTP is most interested in the elevation of aspiration amongst students, as with higher levels of aspiration come new-found degrees of confidence, belief in one’s self, and the realisation that what once may have seemed unattainable in terms of future goals and dreams, is, with hard work and dedication, most definitely attainable and within reach.

Thurston College AGTP on Inclusivity:

  • Thurston’s AGTP offers opportunities to participate and excel not only in traditional academic fields but also in areas such as sport and the performing and fine arts.
  • We strongly believe in providing the means and guidance for helping all students within the College to succeed. Therefore, although certain select activities are secured through invitation, a sizable portion of Thurston’s AGT activities is open to all. The most crucial qualities any student can bring to this programme are desire, curiosity, and willingness to push him or herself.  

Below is a sample selection of the activities we offer—or will offer in the coming months:

  • A continuation of the Brilliant Club
  • “Challenge Days” at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge.
  • A variety of external trips of historical, cultural and overall academic significance, such as the Fitzwilliam and Imperial College Museums
  • Intermediate and extended academic projects for students to acquire research skills, concentrating on a topic of their choice
  • Closer links with COR (Cambridge, Oxford and Russell Group)
  • Development of Student Mentoring programmes (Teacher/Student and Upper school student/Lower school student)
  • Introduction of ThurstonX: an open forum designed for staff and students as a medium through which anyone can give a short lecture on the topic of their choice (this is designed in much the same way as TedTalks). An opportunity to develop oral presentation skills and encourage a space of discussion within the college
  • Development of cross-curricular resources aimed at challenging and stretching AGT students