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Thurston Community College

Thurston Community College

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My daughter is thoroughly enjoying her languages and I’m sure that your skilled and enthusiastic teaching has contributed hugely to her successes.

My daughter enjoys languages which is wonderful to see. That you have noticed her hard work too is brilliant.

Please pass on our thanks to Mr Valentine as my son does not find French easy but is really enjoying Mr Valentine's lessons.  Mr Valentine is most encouraging and much of my son's progress is down to him.

My daughter always talks about how much she really enjoys French and Spanish. Clearly this is the result of what a great teacher she has, whom she rates very highly.

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Helen Wilson, Principal

Principal's Message

21 March 2017

Our latest Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education Day took place on Thursday 16 March 2017.  Students in Year 7 through to Year 13 were involved in a wide variety of activities during the course of this PSHCE Day.  We were delighted to welcome into the College visiting speakers to contribute their additional expertise to the programme and there is no doubt that the highly positive interaction between our students and staff was a central feature of the day.

The themes/topics explored were as follows:

  • Year 7 – Considering aspects of disability and ways in which challenges may be overcome;
  • Year 8 – Exploring ‘Citizenship’ themes (e.g. democracy and representation);
  • Year 9 – Sex and Relationships Education: developing good/safe relationships;
  • Year 10 – Sex and Relationships Education: body image and social media and how these affect lives;
  • Year 11 – British Values (e.g. tolerance) and revision skills;
  • Year 12 – Sessions aimed at building a holistic skill-set in order to strengthen students' applications for post-Sixth Form study or training;
  • Year 13 – Independent Study Day.

It was a privilege to witness the tremendous work that took place throughout this incredibly important day in our College.

Our students were engaged, enthusiastic, focused, mature and wholly respectful of both their peers and the many different adults involved in the day.  Empathy and altruism were clearly evident in so many ways and in a wide variety of settings.

Our staff displayed dedication, professionalism, care, commitment and energy both in the crucial planning process leading up to this PSHCE Day and throughout the course of the day itself.

Paul Heffer, PSHCE Coordinator, said:

“The benefits and positive impact of a day such as this are incalculable.  We must never underestimate the value of days of this nature.  It is of paramount importance that we explore key issues such as respect, relationships, safety and empathy in our schools.

We can never know in full just how crucial covering these issues here in the College will prove for our students, across all age ranges, as they continue their journey through life.  Both our students and our staff deserve huge credit for all that was achieved on Thursday 16 March 2017.”

Helen Wilson



Week 2

Paper copies of information located on the College website are available free of charge. Please contact the College for further details.